ClearMotion Headquarters Relocation

Billerica, MA

OFFICE & Laboratory Headquarters

ClearMotion Inc., a global automotive technology company, has relocated their new corporate headquarters to accommodate a growing product portfolio and demand from their customer base. The 120,000 square foot phased renovation fully transformed the space into a modern office and research and development facility. It involved a two-story renovation of open concept office space, huddle rooms, conference areas, modern research and development laboratories, a lobby and cafeteria. The facility has six major laboratories to enhance ClearMotion’s advanced industry technology in road sensing software. Timberline constructed a vehicle laboratory, prototype machine shop, dynamometer laboratory, design laboratory, electrical laboratory and materials laboratory.

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From the moment Timberline Construction was brought on to the ClearMotion project, it was clear that their team’s knowledge and confidence was the perfect match for this project. With a complicated existing building and a tight timeline, Timberline’s commitment to the team and the client’s best interest was unmatched.
Shannon Sickler, Lead Architectural Designer, studio TROIKA

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