Thorough Planning Yields Desired Results

Here at Timberline, the key to success in any project is thorough preconstruction planning. This process keeps your objectives top of mind while we study every aspect of your project and identify solutions to potential challenges before they occur.

With a truly integrated approach, we synchronize our preconstruction and estimating teams with operations, field staff and project management to gain holistic input on the project from schedule and logistics to constructability, safety and more.

These experts know how to flawlessly plan out your project, avoid scheduling conflicts, create accurate early budgets, and provide proven recommendations during design to ensure the optimum value for each construction dollar expended. Your project will be delivered within the absolutes of time and budget requirements.

The transition from preconstruction to construction, with the same team throughout, means nothing is lost in translation and the finished project is delivered exactly as projected. Because that is exactly what our clients expect.

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