Safety At Timberline

Safety First: It is a phrase heard often, and it is one that is part of the fabric of our culture. Safety is integral to everything we do. It is considered during the preconstruction phase of our projects through to the field execution and construction.

We know that safety does not happen by chance. Our culture of safety is from the top down and our team is committed to instilling the safety-first mindset on every job site with every subcontractor. We take into consideration our client’s specific needs and objectives while tailoring each individual project with a site-specific safety plan.

All Timberline’s Project Superintendents are OSHA 30-hour trained and our project management team receives yearly OSHA training to instill the understanding and importance of what needs to happen on all of their sites. Proper planning, communication and commitment to safety are expected and required by all project participants.

To further instill accountability in our team and project sites, Timberline works with a third-party consultant, Contractor’s Risk Management, who performs independent inspections of our project sites. This ensures adherence to all safety standards and the most up-to-date alerts on any safety changes or guidelines our team should be aware of.

Our dedication to safety has resulted in Timberline’s low Experience Modification Rate (EMR) record and we also have an International Suppliers Network identification number, both available upon request.


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