Sarepta Therapeutics

Andover, MA


With recent FDA approval, research and manufacturing activities at Sarepta’s Andover facility kicked into high gear. Sarepta’s goals: realign lab space and infrastructure for new activities, update and rebrand the facility, better organize spaces, and enhance the overall user experience.

In addition to renovations to existing labs, the overall program included new conference rooms, office space, and employee kitchen / break areas.

Shortly after engaging Timberline, Sarepta made the decision to add a new state-of-the-art lab wing – the caveat: it needed to up and running in just 5 months. Timberline expedited permitting, began construction during conceptual design and completed the work on time, exceeding the client’s expectations. The new space houses small-scale, AD & kilo labs featuring quick-connect ceiling panels for maximum flexibility as well as supporting office and employee break areas.

Timberline successfully addressed the complexities of fast-track construction within a fully operating facility. From coordinating off-hours infrastructure shutdowns and tie-ins, to construction logistics, stringent cleanliness and safety requirements, each phase was meticulously planned to ensure critical operations were maintained throughout construction.

Timberline has been a valuable construction partner for Sarepta, earning the respect and trust of real estate and facilities teams and resulting in new projects in both Andover and Cambridge.


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