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Canton, MA – Timberline Construction Corporation (TCC), a general contractor based in Canton, wrapped up 2012 with the completion of several projects, including modern renovations for a new Fresenius Medical location and for the Hyatt Regency Boston hotel. As businesses strive to keep up with market demands and expectations, heightened by the competition driven by the economic conditions, renovations continue to be executed and new spaces defined. In the hospitality and healthcare sectors alike, a consumer’s perception of clean and up-to-date facilities paired with attentitve service is often critical to success.

With this in mind, the 7,530sf Fresenius Medical interior fit-out project was designed by Christopher Kidd & Associates, LLC with a clean and modern appeal, incorpoarting high-end details and finishes to house state-of-the-art services and equipment at a new suburban location. The medical office and dialysis clinic renovation was completed within a shopping plaza in Milford, N.H. The in-line location allows direct entry and parking. Construction included: a reception area, offices, conference rooms, clinical rooms, weighing station, open layout dialysis clinical area and lab space, equipment rooms, data server room, and spacious ADA full and partial bathrooms.

Timberline also completed the 3,300sf lower lobby renovation at the Hyatt Regency Boston designed by Signature Architects, Inc. and Parker-Torres Design. The Hyatt Regency Boston’s collective 2012 renovations provide modern elegance throughout the downtown hotel serving 502 guest rooms and 30,000sf of function space. The lower lobby serves as an entrance accessible through the parking garage, elevators, and street.

As you enter from the street you are welcomed by a mirrored wall-art sculpture in the small foyer, between two sets of doors. The entrance continues down a ramp, providing an ADA accessible pathway. Natural light flows in through the open linear treatments and metallic accents, fully utilizing the windows that parallel the street, which were previously hidden behind a larger gift shop. The gift shop was right-sized, also creating a space for adjacent seating.

The lobby hosts a reception desk and lounge area across from the elevators and is also accessed directly by the parking garage. Renovations reveal creative lighting, LCD television displays, and a more vibrant contemporary color scheme among the finishes and furnishings – in comparison to the darker feel of the room previous clad in marble and traditional decor. The bathrooms on the lower lobby level also received modern facelifts.