Josh Brandt, Timberline’s Vice President and Regional Operations Manager of Worcester shares his thoughts on Timberline’s expansion into Central Massachusetts.

Last week Timberline welcomed industry partners, clients, friends and colleagues into our newly opened Worcester office for an open house event. We not only celebrated the new space but also the opportunities it opens for Timberline to contribute to the continued growth and development of Central Massachusetts. As the lead for the Worcester office, I am lucky to be joined by 20+ professionals out of this location who all have deep industry relationships in the Worcester area. It was wonderful to see everyone come together to celebrate the collaboration and innovation that lies ahead. Here are just a few benefits of our team and our Worcester office:

Economic Resurgence in Central Massachusetts

If you’ve been around Central Massachusetts, especially the Worcester area, you have seen a remarkable transformation over the last decade. Taking a closer look at the City of Worcester, the area has experienced substantial economic growth, witnessing over $4.5 billion in construction investments and a significant 14% increase in its population. The landscape of the Bay State’s second-largest city is now decorated with a diverse array of retail, life science, technology, residential and other mixed-use developments. However, this growth doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. As the retirement rate of the baby boomer generation continues to rise there are more opportunities for the younger demographics to further transform and shape the region. Worcester County has taken a proactive approach to encourage diversification, focusing on amenities like Polar Park and the revitalization of the Canal District to name a few.

Addressing Regional Accessibility and Talent Recruitment

Our CEO, Steven P. Kelly with the Mayor of Worcester, Joseph Petty

Timberline, as well as the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) industry as a whole, has seen similar changes, with an emerging need to focus on recruiting and retaining young talent as a vital component to companies’ long-term success. Our corporate headquarters, on the south shore in Canton, can be a limiting factor to anyone north or west of 495. With the cost of living around Boston seemingly ever-increasing, families are being pushed further and further from the city to find their version of the “American Dream”.  Additionally, many professionals want to save commuting time to and from work each day, and before our Worcester expansion, I was certainly one of them.

The Worcester area addresses these issues, offering a more manageable commute from Central Mass and a diverse young talent pool. With 12 colleges in close proximity, there is easy access to the bright and talented people who grew up around Worcester and want to stay local or those who came from outside the region and fell in love with the area. Our office at One Mercantile Street is in the heart of it all, offering a short commute to everything the city has to offer. The location gets us to Western Mass, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire with ease to help expand our reach.

Addition of In-House Design Team

Delivering excellence in construction management and preconstruction services is what Timberline is known for, but the addition of an in-house design-build team in Worcester now offers another unique service for our clients. The team is comprised of registered architects, interior designers and multiple drafters to ensure a thorough design and construction process, which offers another exceptional service for the right project and clients as needed. Since the team came on board last year, we are already working with such as Malden Catholic, Notre Dame Health Care, and The EcoTarium Museum of Science and Nature.

By offering these comprehensive services that take projects from design through to construction completion, we are not only contributing to project efficiency but also actively participating in the growth and development of Worcester and its vibrant community. We have been embracing new opportunities our design-build capabilities bring while continuing to build upon the long-standing relationships we’ve created with our architect, engineering and design partners.

Along with the depth of our entire team, the market around Worcester undoubtedly opens doors to continued collaborations, offering promising avenues for shared growth. We anticipate continuing our journey with our valued partners while venturing into new territories, creating mutually beneficial success on future projects.

I confidently speak for Timberline when I say we are beyond excited to be in the heart of the WOO and look forward to contributing to the continued growth and development of its diverse cultures, business and most importantly its people well into the future.

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