Groton School, Wellness Center

Groton, MA

Wellness Center Renovations for Historic Private School

The Groton School is a private college preparatory boarding school in Groton, MA. Timberline was brought on to complete a renovation and reposition of their wellness center in the basement of their main building. This project included a new corridor entrance to service the counseling offices, extending the existing flexible meeting space by 12 feet and new wellness common rooms.

The focal point of the renovation was the installation of a unique, solid maple-borrowed light wall in the wellness common space. Additionally, the team repurposed the existing chilled beams, relocating and integrating them into the building management systems.

Our team encountered several challenges during the project, notably unexpected structural issues. To create the new corridor, they had to cut through an 18-inch brick wall without an existing footing. Collaborating with structural and shoring engineers, they developed a new plan to address the weight and structural concerns. Temporary needle beams supported the wall below the ceiling, enabling the phased removal of brick sections, installation of header steel, and concrete pouring to create a strong opening. Despite schedule delays caused by engineering issues, effective planning and dedication ensured on-time project completion.

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