Sarepta Therapeutics

Andover, MA


Sarepta’s positive experience with Timberline on renovations to its Cambridge headquarters made us the go-to choice for phased renovations and expansion at their Andover facility which kicked into high gear following recent FDA approval.

Sarepta’s goals:  update and rebrand the facility, better organize spaces and internal circulation, realign lab space for new activities, and enhance the overall user experience.

In addition to addressing the challenges of construction in occupied office space, Timberline successfully navigated the complexities and specialized requirements of fast-track construction in a facility where continuous operations of lab space is critical. Moves to swing space were conducted effectively with construction completed swiftly and completely so that when employees moved into their brand new space, there was no further disruption. Temporary construction ensured safety and allowed work to be effected “invisibly” to employees within the building.

Timberline also led a fast-track expansion to house a new state-of-the-art lab/office wing. Gaining expeditious permits, Timberline began construction while drawings were underway, completing the technically sophisticated project on time and on budget.

Timberline has been a valuable construction partner for Sarepta, earning the respect and trust of real estate and facilities teams and resulting in new projects in both Andover and Cambridge.

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