A Positive Culture

We are very proud of the culture we have developed here at Timberline. Our team members are encouraged to enjoy work-life-balance, celebrating hard work and success.

We celebrate the environment of working at Timberline, creating an atmosphere that is positive, high-energy, dynamic and always professional.

Our leadership team has worked hard to foster a family-focused environment and we even enjoy bringing the extended Timberline family together for fun and enjoyment!

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program at Timberline encompasses the internal policies and strategies around four main initiatives that includes community, workplace, environmental and market place. This program continually measures how we do business and how we can correlate that to have a positive and lasting effect for the greater good of the community. Internally, we select the right people, clients and projects that align with our corporate values. Externally, we select foundations and community service events that resonate with our team, culture and values.

Onsite Amenities and Programs:

  • Fitness center
  • Internal monthly training programs
  • External career development events
  • Mentorship program
  • Culture club
    • Employee team building
    • Community service
    • Lunch and learn program
    • Team and family event
    • Holiday parties

As a team, we have a strong awareness to the environment and how we can lighten our footprint and make a difference. To attract and retain employees, as opportunities appear, we have made internal changes to our Canton headquarters, like adding solar panels to the rooftop. Our CSR Committee has been instrumental in creating positive dialogue surrounding environmental initiatives for Timberline’s corporate headquarters renovation that is starting in Q2 of 2019. As a part of this renovation, we are following LEED guidelines for HVAC and MEP efficiencies.

Many of our preconstruction and operations team members are LEED certified and we try to be socially responsible internally and externally. We are a company that takes what we do very seriously and we constantly look at self-evolution and in doing so, we try to measure ourselves and our success against the goals with the hopes to improve every year.