Timberline Construction is pleased to announce that Steph Tyll has joined the Timberline team as Senior Marketing Manager.

Steph brings over 14 years of marketing experience in the A/E/C industry, including working with several of Boston’s top architectural firms. She recently earned her CPSM, a certification designed to elevate the professional standards in marketing through SMPS Boston. Steph passionately believes the best marketing is good storytelling – and she loves a good story.

Marketing is an ever-evolving medium, and Steph keeps Timberline’s story fresh by constantly exploring new techniques and technologies to help express the firm’s unique character. In addition to her strong writing, editing, and graphic design skills, Steph loves working with video and with interactive presentation formats. This mix of media and interactivity elevates a marketing message into an engaging and dynamic brand experience, helping forge a deep, genuine connection between Timberline and its clients and industry partners.

“We are excited to welcome Steph to our team as Senior Marketing Manager,” said Steve Wassersug, President of Timberline Construction. “Her creativity and depth of industry experience will help to strengthen Timberline’s message and brand in this exciting time of growth.”

Steph has been honored with seven AEC industry marketing communications awards in the categories of project pursuits, holiday pieces, internal communications, and websites, including one national award for project pursuits. She recently joined SMPS Boston’s CPSM Committee as a way of giving back and helping her industry peers advance in their careers.