Timberline Construction welcomes new Business Development Manager to the team, Patrick Jones. Patrick works with Timberline’s AEC industry partners and trusted clients to build lasting, long-term relationships in which Timberline seeks to deliver both quality projects and exceptional client experiences. In all of his client interactions, Patrick aims to embody Timberline’s motto of “Exceptional. No Exceptions.

In order to obtain that mantra, Patrick continually works with Timberline’s operations team to assemble the best detail-oriented construction execution plans specifically tailored to our clients’ project needs, while also working closely with our subcontractors to enhance efficiencies and project performance. In all projects, Patrick and Timberline aim to be an exclusive, trusted advisor and partner that clients and industry partners seek out.

Patrick’s passion for exceptionalism in client service stems his experience as an Army Officer. He learned that any successful mission or complex project included active communication and collaboration with all stakeholders. While in Afghanistan, he partnered with Afghan military and police forces to enhance regional security while simultaneously leading the construction of schools, markets, roads, and other infrastructure projects in the region to improve the lives of the locals in Western Afghanistan. At Timberline, Patrick plays a vital role in not only working with clients in the early stages of their projects but applying this same team philosophy to truly approach every project and interaction as a complex mission where success is the only option. Strong relationships with Timberline’s industry partners, including OPM’s, architects, engineers, brokers and subcontractors, is what ultimately leads to success for our clients.

Since transitioning out of the military, Patrick has worked with clients on large-scale university projects, complex multifamily mixed-use developments, student housing developments and a large variety of office, retail and industrial projects. Having made the move from Dallas to Boston to join the Timberline team, Patrick is excited to bring some Texas with him up to New England.

If you have an upcoming project in development and are in search of a quality construction manager please reach out to Patrick and he will help coordinate all of Timberline’s resources to make your next project both a priority and a success.