Raw Land

Sharon-Knollwood Monopole

Sharon, MA

This project involved clearing out a site, including a significant amount of rock ledges, for the raw land construction of a new 120’ Monopole and surrounding compound in Sharon, MA for Mariner Tower. The scope of work also involved 100 feet of hay bales and a silt fence for where the site borders the wetlands to maintain erosion control as well as a 55 foot manhole and RCP for drainage. A 400 foot orange fence was utilized during construction to mark and enforce a no work area where it was discovered to be a tribal artifact area.

T-Mobile Westerly

Westerly, RI

Timberline installed the 100' monopole and enclosed a 75’x75’ compound with fencing. The installation also included a 3Gang 600 amp power distribution, new CSCS vault for telco, and complete ground ring.

AT&T and Rhode Island State Police

South Kingston, RI

Timberline installed a new FAA International Orange and White 240’ self-supporting tower. The project included a new foundation and removing the existing SST. TCC installed new communication systems for Rhode Island State Police and AT&T Wireless.

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