Timberline Construction has completed a wide variety of residential projects that include new or renovated multi-unit housing, condominium conversions, and high-end historic residential modernization projects. We have experience in all types of structural systems including wood frame, structural steel and block and plank, allowing us to help you assess the optimal choice for your project. In addition to traditional muti-unit residential construction, Timberline's professionals have built high-end hotels and senior living projects.

Our inclusive team approach and focus on open communications throughout every project enables us to identify and prevent any potential issues in advance. Whether your project is two units or two hundred, we have the right team with the right expertise to get the job done to the highest quality, within your specific budget and schedule requirements.


"Steven Kelly and his Timberline team gave us the peace of mind we needed throughout the process, he contributed to our vision and made it a reality, delivering a high-quality project we are proud to now call home."


Private Residence
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