Managing healthcare construction projects is a complex process. Timberline Construction embodies the experience, teamwork, communication and genuine care that is needed to drive successful project delivery in this industry. We are staffed with project managers and superintendents who have extensive knowledge planning any construction project with a comprehensive pre-determined Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) plan in hand and always in mind. Infection control is an essential component of any healthcare project delivery system and is the highest priority in healthcare construction today. 

Timberline also recognizes the sensitivities involved when working in or near occupied clinical facilities. We understand the importance of creating project schedules and detailed logistics plans that ensure no disruption to patients and staff throughout the duration of the construction process. We strive to deliver projects that balance the needs of our clients along with those of their patients. 

Whether we are working on a non-clinical renovation or a clinical project based in a laboratory or on an occupied patient floor, our industry experts are always vigilant and aware of  the unique requirements that healthcare projects demand. We know the entire campus of a healthcare facility demands the coordination that puts the security and safety of patients and hospital staff at our top priority. 
"We have found Timberline to be respectful of the occupants, maintaining a clean and neat work site, while being as unobtrusive as possible in delivering on their commitments. We welcome the opportunity to work with Timberline again in the future, and will invite them back as projects arise. I can confidently recommend Timberline Construction for future construction projects."

Anthony Pendenza, Area Manager

Harvard University
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