Timberline Construction has experience with a variety of design types and eatery concepts. Each restaurant and its distinct location offers unique design challenges that only an experienced construction team can identify and resolve with cost effective solutions while not losing focus on the importance of maintaining opening dates. Timberline has effectively serviced a variety of restaurant clients with theme based establishments including: Bickfords, Five Guys, Legal Seafoods, Dunkin Donuts, Quiznos, Starbucks, and Au Bon Pain. Our team has worked with both unique and what may be considered typical restaurant projects of both large and small scales.

We understand the necessity to get your restaurant up and running as fast as possible, while creating an environment crafted specifically for your clientele. Whether ensuring consistency for a franchise chain restaurant, or crafting the exceptional details of a custom dining establishment, we can assemble an experienced construction team to realize your project vision within budget and on schedule. 

"During the latest expansion of our plant, Timberline’s experience in handling unexpected construction challenges proved very valuable in keeping the project moving along. The onsite Timberline leadership ran a safe, efficient crew and worked hard to minimize the impact of the construction on our daily operations. We made the right choice in choosing Timberline to GC our project."

Al Marzi, Chief of Brewing Operations

Harpoon Brewery
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