Timberline Construction knows that understanding all components of any construction project begins with understanding all that happens on paper well before the first shovel enters the ground. As seasoned builders, we have borrowed the mantra of the 7 P’s from the USMC (United States Marine Corps): Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. More true words have never been uttered when it comes to battle or construction. We are well aware that you can’t determine answers to all the questions that inevitably must be asked and addressed if we don’t know what questions to ask., therefore, we consult the following:

  • Design: At what phase is the design?
  • Project Schedule: What known/unknown facts may affect it?
  • Value Engineering: What can optimize cost control?
  • Quality control: What materials are we using and is there flexibility to change items?
  • Safety: What are the project specific requirements? (i.e. such as infection control in Healthcare facilities)
  • Budget: What can the client spend? What are the must-haves vs. the flexible elements in the design?

Our preconstruction team will work with both the design team and all of the owners’ representatives to provide the most cost efficient budget and building solutions. Clients benefit from our experience and ability to provide reliable estimates, product evaluations, alternative products, scope development, design review and MEP coordination.

This pre-constructability and detail review helps us identify long lead items for pre-award, project scheduling and updates, and value engineering until a total project budget and schedule are developed to meet project expectations.

Not until all of these components of a project are identified and understood do we say: go. 
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